We Serve

We provide masonry services for the following facilities in and around Louisville, Kentucky:

Retail Centers

This sector continues to make use of all of the masonry materials we are well versed in. See our retail masonry work

Senior Living Centers

Beautiful uses of masonry for senior living centers can be seen all across this fast-growing industry.


Hotels in Louisville, Ky are rapidly being built, and our masonry services help hotels look their best.


With UPS headquartered in the Louisville area, their rapid gain of a strong work force means more facilities are being built.

University and Educational Facilities

A timeless example of beautiful masonry in action, the University of Louisville continues to grow.

Bourbon Industry Facilities

In a historic industry that has gone global, we provide beautiful masonry service for the bourbon industry’s frequented establishments.

Churches & Synagogues

Churches and synagogues in Louisville are beautiful examples of well-done masonry, and we provide the service to match.